Lake Pelagićevo

Lake Pelagićevo is located in Bosnia, not far from Orašje border crossing with Croatia. There is about 20 more kilometres drive from the border to the lake.

The lake was made in 1960s when the sand was dug to build the regional road Tuzla - Orašje. The whole lake’s grounds measure 33 ha, while the lake itself is 19 ha big. Average depth of the lake is around 2,5 meters but the water level has been fluctuating a lot in the last few years causing the average depth to change quickly. The lake is filled by ground water therefore the water level depends on the amount of rain, which raises the ground water levels.

First carp have been put into the lake in 1967. The club has managed the lake really well, especially in the last 15 years. The result of good management are massive carp that can nowadays be found in this beautiful lake. Current lake record is 37,8 kg. It is estimated that there are now 6 carp over 30 kg, 30 carp over 25 kg and 90 carp over 20 kg currently living in the lake. The lake offers 9 double and one single nicely arranged fishing pegs which can only be booked through our website.

Carp care

Carp Care Equipment - We take our biosecurity very seriously at lake Pelgićevo and provide you with all the equipment needed to land, weigh and care for the carp you catch. This includes a landing net, unhooking mat and weigh sling/retainer
Please ensure you don’t bring these items with you. We do require a €50 deposit for these items, which will be returned to you at the end of the week when the kit is returned undamaged.

Other information

  • Arrival time Saturday at 12:00. Anyone who wants to come to the lake before can set the tent at the lake and sleep there (gate is open 8am–6pm).
  • Water is available at the club house but is not appropriate for drinking
  • Showers and toilets are at the club house
  • Battery charging in club house
  • Shop is in the center of the city Pelagičevo (main street)
  • Marko (fishing ranger) will go around the lake every day and if you will need something from the shop you can send him message on Messenger (Marko Kovandžić) and he will bring it for you
  • You can order food from the restaurant which will be delivered on your swim (food menu and prices please contact us via email)
  • Please be cautious when calling as mobile data and calling are extremely expensive in Bosnia. The lake is covered with WI-FI
  • You have to leave your fishing position by 11:00 on Saturday
  • Anyone breaking the fishing rules will have to leave the lake immediately.

Krištof Cuderman's story

I came fishing to lake Pelagićevo for the first time in 2014. A week long session was really amazing and the lake found a special place in my heart. I caught lake's first 30 kg+ carp (32,0 kg) which was also Bosnia's country record carp at the time.

I returned to the lake numerous time in the following years and always immensely enjoyed my time here. I have formed close bonds with the members of the club that was managing the lake. Most of the credit for the level that the lake is at today, goes to Jovan Kovandžič. Both him and his son Marko are truly dedicated to what they do and they are present at the lake 365 days in a year.

Two years ago, the club asked for my help in making some lake management decisions. It was an honour for me to be able to share my experience with the club and help the club's fantastic members.

In the beginning of 2021 an idea was born, to lift the lake to a completely new carp angling level. A group of people was formed that invited me to be a part of it. It did not take long for me happily accept the invitation to be a part of this amazing project.

We founded a company and got all the paperwork ready in order to be able to manage the lake for the next 30 years. It was truly a ton of work and each member of the team contributed their valuable input.

Once the paperwork was confirmed, I was given the duty and honour of being the lake's manager. I consider it a great responsibility, therefore since that day we have all been working really hard to prepare the lake for fishing season 2022. We want our guests to enjoy the lake in its top-notch state.